Brentwood may be the Westside’s diamond in the rough. Although it may not be as prestigious a name as Beverly Hills, it’s an amazing part of the Westside. Located west of the 405 freeway & to the east of Santa Monica, this trendy community offers wonderful shopping, dining & real estate. Many large estates exist here as well as medium priced homes. 

Brentwood, like most of California, was inhabited by the Native Americans between 1500 & 1800. Around the year 1772, Spanish explorer, Captain Pedro Fages discovered the particular area of what is today, Brentwood. In the early 1800’s, Doctor John Marsh bought the deed to the Los Meganos Rancho. A few years later, the Bidwell Party, the first immigrants, arrived at Marsh’s house. 
In the mid 1880’s, a small population formed outside of the National Home for Disabled Soldiers, naming itself “Westgate.” This community contained parts of, what is today, Pacific Palisades & Bel-Air, and was annexed on June 14, 1916 by the City of Los Angeles. Today, a small piece of this group remains with Westgate Avenue.
In 1879, Brentwood’s Post Office was established, along with the Brentwood School & Union Cemetery. About 2 years later, Brentwood was filed as a township with the first map being filed. In 1884, The Brentwood Hotel was built by Louis Grunauer, and 20 years later, burnt to the ground. As the town got more established, the first newspaper, The Brentwood Courier, was created along with the first Christian Church around 1890. Brentwood was the largest shipping point for grains between New Orleans & San Francisco.
In 1916, a devastating fire hit the town. Several businesses on First Street, such as Temley’s Hardware, Peter Olsen’s Building, two barns & multiple residences. In the 1920’s, the town began to grow much more within in the community.   A new Liberty Union High School was built, along with the Brentwood Elementary School. Rural free mail delivery became available with a route including 115 residences. Later in the 20’s, H.P. Garin Company was shipping 794 carloads of fruits & vegetables, using the first refrigerated railroad cars.
In 1932, The Brentwood schools closed for a few weeks due to a measles epidemic. About two years later, the Apricot Harvest Strike hit, estimating 1,000 to 1,500 pickers coming to Brentwood seeking employment. When the late 1940’s came around, The Brentwood Police & Planning Departments were organized, Brentwood Rotary Club was established & the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce was organized with Ben Peterson as President. 
In 1955, Liberty Union High School had a great football record, having the best Class B football team in Northern California. Lou Bronzan was the football coach, losing only two league games & winning five championships between 1949 & 1955. Years later, Brentwood City Hall was founded & The Post Office was built on the corner of Dainty Ave & First Street. In 1984, the citizens of Brentwood elected their first mayor, Nathan Fisher. In 1992, the first Cornfest was held in Brentwood City Park with Kathy Leighton as Chairman.  

Today, Brentwood has been known for its various restaurants and shopping. Being so close to Pacific Palisades & Santa Monica, the locals enjoy the hot California weather, while getting the cool ocean breeze. 




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